Posted by: Borneo Adventure | November 5, 2010

Local alcoholic beverage… are you up for it?

A taste of adventure?

Rice wine, also known as “Tuak”, is often served as one of the native Dayak traditions to welcome guests into their homes. It is a milder form of alcoholic beverage, with a mild 6% alcohol content.

Palm wine, however, is something new; especially with its mildly sweet taste and smell. It is a stronger form of liquor compared to rice wine. Palm wine is otherwise known as “Chap Langkau”, which contains a much higher level of alcohol (approximately 12%).

For all you wine enthusiasts out there, just imagine drinking rice/palm wine as if you were drinking water. You will feel the warming sensation starting at the throat and flowing through to your stomach right before it starts muddling up your mind! Believe it or not, you will love it and ask for another glass.


Timothy enjoying his wine tasting   🙂



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